Take Action 

Join together to work for a Gasfield Free WA

Getting involved in a campaign to protect your local community from gasfield developments and fracking is a new experience for many people. The good news is that you are not flying blind – there’s information about the kinds of processes that help.

To make a difference it helps to get people together and form an Action Group – a community group that rolls up their sleeves and pitches in for creative grass-roots work. Local action groups are the heart of the Lock the Gate movement. They are the people working hard across the country to get better protections for the places they live in and love. Action Groups are where we learn, form new friendships, and experience the power of collaboration.

Action Groups are different from the community clubs that people may be used to. They need to be nimble and responsive, so that the work turns over quickly in the often fast-moving campaign.

Join Lock the Gate 

Make a submission to the WA Fracking Inquiry

One of the first things you can do to help prevent WA from becoming a fracking wasteland is to make a submission to the WA Fracking Inquiry.

As a first step you can click on the submission button the homepage to send an email to the Inquiry calling for a statewide ban on fracking. You can just send the submission in as it is or if you want to make it have more impact please custom is your email with your thoughts and research on fracking and its risks.

We have put this site together to help make it easier to find some of the research on the issue. We will be bringing you the latest peer researched articles, scientific papers and pod casts as they come to hand.

It is a starting point. We encourage you to do your own research and if you come across something you feel is really valuable please let us know and we can share it more widely.

Check out the pages on making submission to the inquiry and the section on the latest research.

Please stay tuned as we will be updating the site regularly and making sure everyone has access to information as it comes to hand.

Click on this link to make your email submission

Sign a petition

We often have petitions both on line and old school paper petitions that we use to show the government the strength of community concern about issues related to gasfields in WA. Stay tuned for the latest petions and please sign, share and comment.

Attend one of our Events

We have many events planned for the next few months. Please check in with this site and our Facebook page @FrackfreeWA for events, stalls, film nights and workshops in your area.

Check out our Facebook

Follow us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram

One of the easiest ways to stay in touch with the campaign is to follow us on Facebook by liking Frack Free WA and encouraging your friends to do likewise.

Please also check us out and follow us on Twitter @FrackFreeWA and on Instagram @FrackFreeWA.

Talk to your friends

We are a grassroots community movement and one of the best ways to build our movement is simply to talk to your friends and neighbours. Personal contact and face to face discussions are the best way to engage people in this issue. The more people know about the risks of fracking the more they don’t want it in their community. Talk to your friends, community members and neighbours and let them know what you think about gas field developments and the risks they pose to land, water and health. 

Help declare your community Gasfield Free

Across Australia there are now more than 440 Gasfield Free communities.

In WA we currently have 19 and more are in the pipeline.

Declaring your community Gasfield Free is a strong statement of protection for your land, water and community and sends a message to the gas industry that it does not have a social licence to operate in your area.

Check out the page on Gasfield Free Communities and how you can be a part of this massive social movement.