Voices from the Queensland Gaslands

A series of short videos on life in the gaslands of Queensland made for Lock the Gate in 2014/15. Voices from the Gaslands – George’s story Landholders across Queensland are facing an invasive force as coal seam gas companies move onto their land. The landholders, many of whom have worked their properties for generations, are being forced to accept life […]

Fracking the Regions in WA

Regions: FOSSIL FUEL exploration permits, leases and applications cover more than half the landmass of Australia. In WA, oil and gas permits and applications cover a vast area of the state. They overlie sedimentary basins in the Kimberley, Gascoyne, Mid West, Perth and the South West. Shale and tight gas are the primary targets for frackers in WA. Between 2004 […]

Water Use & Contamination

Polluted ground water ONE of the major concerns around fracking is the potential for the process to contaminate groundwater. Contamination can happen at many stages in the process and while best practice can reduce the risk of well failure, accidental spillage or negligence, it cannot eliminate the risk. Wells have failed and contamination has occurred in the United States rendering […]

Flaring the Whicher Range

LOCAL Fire brigade officer Wally Lord was alarmed to discover in December 2015 that gas wells in the tinder dry forest of the Whicher Range, east of Margaret River were being flared off in the summer season. After several false call-outs for fire late at night he went to the well pads to investigate. Wally says he doesn’t think any […]