Fracking chemicals could be damaging newborn’s immune systems

WEDNESDAY MAY 3, 2018: NEW research from Rochester University provides the first evidence that chemicals found in water near fracking sites can damage the immune system. The research was published today in the peer-reviewed journal Toxicological Sciences. Scientists experimented on mice and found that exposure to fracking chemicals during pregnancy may diminish female offspring’s ability to fend off diseases, like […]

The latest Compendium of risks from fracking published March 2018

UPDATE MARCH, 16 2018: CONCERNED Health Professionals of NY and the Nobel Peace Prize winning Physicians for Social responsibility have published their fifth compendium detailing the latest scientific research and media reports on the risks of fracking to human health and the environment. The Compendium is a comprehensive and current report highlighting the issues relating to fracking and making recommendations […]

Gasfield air pollution linked to poorer health in SE Qld

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 10, 2017: A new Australian research paper points to a link between the escalating rise of hospital admissions in south east Queensland and a massive increase in air pollutants from the unconventional gas industry in the same region. The paper published in the prestigious International Journal of Environmental Studies this month noted that between 2007 and 2014 hospital […]

Children’s Health & Fracking

  RECENT scientific studies are pointing to worrying links between exposure to chemicals associated with unconventional oil and gas operations and children’s brain development. In the audio below Ellen Webb from the Centre for Environmental Health in the US discusses a detailed literature review of the studies to date. She says in the introduction to her talk that her team’s […]

Studies point to impacts from unconventional gas developments on human health, air and water

IN 2016 Hays & Shonkoff undertook a major literature review of the studies on unconventional gas and human health between 2009 and 2015. They found that at least 685 papers had been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals on the impacts of unconventional gas developments. Of these 84% of the public health studies contained findings that indicated public health hazards, elevated risks, […]