Call to protect Yalgorup National Park from gasfield development

FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 2018: Peel residents have welcomed the State Government’s plans to expand the Yalgorup National Park but say its value as a conservation area is being compromised by a gas exploration lease covering the area. Local resident and spokesperson for Gasfield Free Peel Barb Brewerton said the government had acknowledged the internationally recognised biodiversity value of the park […]

Gas Licences cover a large area of the Peel Shire

A GAS lease covers nearly 1,350sqkm of the Peel region stretching from Lake Clifton south to just north of Yarloop and taking in the Yalgorup National Park. The lease is held by Empire Oil and Pilot Energy and meets a second lease covering 660 sqkm of the South West and Harvey. It previously covered the City of Mandurah, stretching north […]

Fracking the Regions in WA

Regions: FOSSIL FUEL exploration permits, leases and applications cover more than half the landmass of Australia. In WA, oil and gas permits and applications cover a vast area of the state. They overlie sedimentary basins in the Kimberley, Gascoyne, Mid West, Perth and the South West. Shale and tight gas are the primary targets for frackers in WA. Between 2004 […]

Exploration permit 416

HARVEY in the south west of Western Australia is known around the world for its fresh, clean produce. Unlike many other areas of the world, the honey bee is thriving in this extraordinarily healthy environment. But that could all be about to change. The gas industry has its sights on the Harvey area. Industrialised gasfields could soon replace farmland and […]