Alarm over groundwater contamination at Beharra Springs

The Beharra Springs Gas facility near Dongara is now a contaminated site after elevated levels of hydrocarbons and arsenic were discovered in groundwater around the plant. The contamination has been going on for at least 12 years. The elevated levels are the result of contamination from the gas facility including suspected leaks from the plastic lined waste water pond and faulty equipment. High levels of arsenic were found in water that had been used as drinking water in the gas facility.

Fact Sheet – The Waitsia Gas Project in WA’s Mid West

TUESDAY, October 1, 2019: The oil and gas industry is ramping up its plans to frack across a large swath of WA’s Mid West and Kimberley regions following the lifting by the WA Government of the state’s fracking moratorium. The Waitsia Gas Project near Dongara in the Mid West is among the first project to push its way through the […]

WA Opens the State to Fracking

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2019: The McGowan Government has condemned some of Western Australia’s best farmland and significant cultural regions to being fracked, with today’s lifting of the fracking moratorium for existing petroleum titles. Huge swathes of the extremely productive WA Wheatbelt and Mid West regions, and key sensitive areas and wetlands across the Kimberley, can now be fracked, according to […]