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Fracking spill to greet delegates at today’s State Labor Conference

SATURDAY, August 24, 2019: Fracking “wastewater” and workers dressed in Hazchem suits will greet delegates at the start of the State Labor Conference at the Perth Convention Centre this morning (Saturday August 24, 8am).

The workers will be joined by farmers and other concerned citizens from across the state to send a message to the Labor Government that fracking is a dirty, risky, polluting industry that has no place in WA.

The event organised by Lock the Gate coincides with a plan by the State Government to lift a moratorium on fracking in the next few days.

A spokesperson for Lock the Gate in WA, Jane Hammond, said communities from the Kimberley to the South West were concerned at the Labor Government’s apparent rush to get fracking up and running in the state.

“The temporary bans on fracking in the Mid-West and Kimberley will be lifted by the end of the week yet not one single new regulation has been put in place to protect the community, our water or our climate from the impacts of this noxious industry,” Ms Hammond said.

“Fracking companies are being invited to submit their applications to frack our food bowls, natural and cultural heritage areas and drill through our precious underground aquifers without even the protections the government promised would be in place.

“We wonder why the rush to develop this outdated emissions heavy, water guzzling oil and gas fracking industry.

“We also wonder who will be responsible when the oil and gas fracking rigs have polluted the Kimberley and our food bowls with fracking waste and oil spills.

“We are yet to see how, if at all, Labor will ensure that the remaining bans on fracking covering the South West, Peel and Metro regions will be protected by legislation. The signs so far indicate that these bans will not be enshrined in legislation and therefore could be changed at any time.

“The latest research is showing that the fracking industry is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and that stopping fracking could have a very real impact on slowing the rate of global warming.

“Despite this our Labor Government is charging ahead on full-steam to develop this brand-new fossil fuel industry when the rest of the world is looking for ways to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.”

Ms Hammond said delegates to the conference would be handed wholesome frack free muffins and frack free cupcakes as an alternative to the dirty fracking waste they will see on the way into the conference.

“We want delegates to the Labor conference to enjoy the value of the good food our state produces in contrast to the radioactive and other polluting waste the fracking industry will create.”

The event will be peaceful and family friendly.