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Protest outside Buru Energy’s AGM in West Perth today

THURSDAY, May 16, 2019: Local citizens concerned at plans by Buru Energy to frack the Kimberley will gather outside the company’s AGM in West Perth this morning from 9.30am.

The protest, organised by the Lock the Gate Alliance, aims to highlight Buru’s plans to dump its contaminated fracking waste in the water troughs of Kimberley cattle.

A spokesperson for Lock the Gate in WA, Jane Hammond, said Buru’s plans to dispose of the flowback fluid from its fracking operations by giving it to beef cattle were outlined in the company’s submission to the WA Fracking Inquiry.

“Buru has plans to use cattle as walking disposal units for fracking waste. A dangerous plan, considering Buru has admitted its fracking flowback fluid from its 2015 frack tests contained elevated levels of radioactive material and other toxic chemicals as well as excessive levels of salts,” Ms Hammond said.

“Oddly the WA Fracking Inquiry made no finding in this regard. As a result this insane idea is still on the table.

“Today’s protest will include the guest appearance of Daisy the cow, representing her bovine cousins in the Kimberley.

“We are calling on Buru to commit to scotch its plans to frack in the Kimberley. The economics of fracking simply don’t add up and it is WA taxpayers who will most likely be the ones left to mop up the fracking mess.”

Micklo Corpus a traditional custodian of the land Buru plans to frack east of Broome said the company should invest in renewable energy and cease its plans to frack.

“Buru Energy people are smart people so they should invest in solar energy rather than fracking, that way we would all be better off,” Mr Corpus said.

Ms Hammond said the people of WA were still waiting to see the State Government’s new regulations that would govern fracking in WA.

“The State Government has a new implementation plan for fracking but has not made it public. We are keen to see the detail on how the government plans to handle radioactive and other toxic waste from fracking operations. 

“The WA Fracking Inquiry’s solution to this massive waste problem was to leave fracking waste in plastic lined open ponds dotting the landscape and wait for evaporation to suck up the fluid. We find this totally unacceptable, especially in flood prone areas where wastewater ponds have already overflowed.

“Fracking is a dirty, emissions heavy, wasteful, uneconomic and out dated industry. We call on Buru and other fracking companies to move to renewable forms of energy to protect, our land, water, health and climate stability.

“We also call on the State Government and all Federal political candidates to commit to taking real action on climate change and to protecting our precious water resources by banning fracking.”

Buru’s AGM will take place today at the Celtic Club, 48 Ord St West Perth

Buru’s Submission to the WA Fracking Inquiry can be found here:

Its plans to use its  fracking flowback fluid as stock water for beef cattle are found on p42