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Mid West Farmers send an SOS to the world

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2018: Farmers in the Mid West of WA have sent an SOS to the world in a bid to prevent their valuable farming land becoming a fracking sacrifice zone.

The ‘Message in a Paddock’ includes an urgent appeal for funds to help the campaign to keep WA frack free.

The Western Australian Labor Government announced in November that it would allow fracking on almost all exisiting petroleum leases in the Mid West, Gascoyne and Kimberley regions of WA. The fracking green light came with no promise that fracking would stop there, opening the possibility that additional petroleum leases will be given over to fracking in the future.

The decision to lift the moratorium on fracking in WA came despite warnings from some of the nation’s leading scientists, including climate scientists, that fracking WA could make meeting our global commitments to reduce emissions under the Paris Agreement, impossible.

The Government has pledged to quarantine some areas of the state from fracking but has not sought to protect those areas with legislation. This has caused farmers, unions and other concerned citizens to fear that a change of mind or a change of government could mean open slather to frack anywhere in WA.

Already the fracking industry has indicated it plans to  frack conventional wells as well as unconventional shale and tight gas wells to ramp up the production of oil and gas in the state.

If you can please donate to the campaign to keep WA Frack Free. Click here to donate