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Geraldton residents “queue in” against fracking

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2018: Dozens of concerned Geraldton locals have demanded their region be spared from the toxic legacy of fracking during a “queue in” at the office of West Australian Labor MLC Darren West on Friday.

Geraldton Groundwater Protection spokesperson Lisa Smith said the McGowan Labor Government had defied the will of Western Australians by lifting the state’s fracking moratorium.

“We have lined up to let the McGowan Government know that we do not want two states,” she said.

“We will not be divided between those who are spared from the fracking menace, and those who could have gasfields in their backyards. Here in the mid west we face the very real threat of the latter.

“Not only that, but Premier McGowan misled us – no one, not farmers, not traditional owners, will have the right to veto exploratory gas wells. We have been fed propaganda by our elected leaders, who jokingly claim to speak for us.

“We know that Darren West knows that we don’t want fracking, so we want him to take that message back to his boss in Perth.

“Impacted communities like ours have been clear that they won’t stand for it, so we stood together today to tell the government this dirty polluting industry cannot be allowed to go ahead.”

Mid West melon and mango farmer Rod Copeland said it was a joke that the WA Government had shut the doors of parliament, locking out demonstrators yesterday, when they wouldn’t let farmers lock their gates to gas companies.

“Premier McGowan fed us lies about farmers being able to say no to gas companies, but we’ve since learnt that doesn’t apply to exploration wells,” he said.

“My produce thrives on clean water, and my customers need the assurance that fruit grown on my property is not contaminated.

“This rotten industry will spoil every farm it invades.”