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Anti-Fracking Protesters to Rally at WA Parliament Today

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2018: Farmers, Traditional Owners, union representatives and other concerned citizens will rally at State parliament in Perth today in protest at the McGowan Government’s decision to give fracking the greenlight.

The event will mark the last day of the parliamentary sitting year and will see protesters taking on the gas industry in another tug of war designed to show how “ropeable” the community is at Labor’s fracking decision.

Mid West mango farmer Rod Copeland said the rally would remind the state government that the protest movement against fracking in WA was growing and would not be going away.

“This decision to allow fracking goes against good judgement, good science and the will of the people of Western Australia,” Mr Copeland said.

“This rally is just the latest in a series of rolling events that will haunt Labor for the rest of its time in office unless this decision is overturned.”

Traditional Owner Tiena Drage from Yamaji’s Against Fracking said communities were preparing to stand up against the fracking industry.

“Without water we have no future. You cannot drink gas or oil. If they frack and there is contamination of the Murchison River it will kill plants, animals, tourism and other industries,” Ms Drage said.

“We all must stand strong and put an end to fracking.”

Frack Free Future campaigner Paddy Cullen said people across WA were outraged by the government’s decision to allow fracking.

“From across the length and breadth of WA we are getting community support and expressions of disappointment and deep concern at this reckless decision,” Mr Cullen said.

“Thousands of people have already registered their support for the anti-fracking campaign since this decision was handed down and the groundswell is growing every day.”

A spokesperson for Lock the Gate in WA Simone van Hattem said the level of community outrage over the lifting of the moratorium was palpable and was being expressed by many people who had never previously protested anything.

“Communities across the state have called for a ban on fracking but their voices have gone unheard by the State Government,” Ms van Hattem said.

“Communities especially those on the front line are now battling to comprehend the way this government has thrown them under a bus for the sake of an emissions intensive polluting industry that would create very few jobs and very few benefits for the state.”

She said today’s rally would include a surprise action. The event will take place at Parliament House from 11.30am.