Poll shows overwhelming support for a ban on fracking in WA

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17: Polling in WA’s most marginal Federal seat shows overwhelming support for a ban on fracking in the state.

The poll was conducted by research company Reachtel on Monday October 29 in the seat of Hasluck. It was commissioned by the Lock the Gate Alliance.

The poll of 821 residents in the Hasluck electorate found that 77.5% of respondents are concerned about the risks to water, land and health by gas fracking across WA.

The results showed that 62.4% per cent of respondents support a statewide ban on fracking in WA, nearly three times the number who do not support a ban (22.9 %).

Hasluck is held by the Liberal Party with a margin of just 2.1 per cent. More than half of all Liberal voters (50.9%) support a statewide fracking ban. The result for Labor supporters was even stronger with 76 per cent supporting a statewide ban.

The poll results come in the wake of the tabling in parliament of a petition last month signed by nearly 14,000 people calling for a permanent, legislated ban on fracking in WA and media reports today that WA’s most powerful unions have voted to outlaw fracking across the state.

The State Government is currently deciding whether or not to lift a temporary ban on fracking covering much of WA even though the ban is not due to expire until June 2020.

A spokesperson for Lock the Gate in WA Jane Hammond said the polling showed overwhelming community opposition to fracking.

“The poll demonstrates universal concern about fracking and shows that there is majority support for a ban on fracking across all political persuasions,” Ms Hammond said.

“We have just seen Climate Change emerge on the east coast as a major election issue and this polling backs that trend with more than 71 per cent of respondents indicating they were concerned about the climate impacts of fracking for gas in WA.”

When it came to support for landholders and traditional owners to say no to fracking more than 78 per cent of respondents supported this right.

Support for a stronger focus on renewable energy to provide long lasting jobs for WA was supported by a massive 89.1% of respondents in the poll.

Ms Hammond said the results should be a wakeup call to all political parties to listen to the community chorus of concern about the impact of fracking on climate stability, land, water and health.

Swan Hills resident Janette Huston said concern in her community about fracking was particularly strong.

“My friends, neighbours and the community in general are very aware of the risks of fracking and the climate impacts from going down a fracking path,” Ms Huston said.

“We are well informed about the risks, especially to our water. This issue will impact both state and federal elections. It is a matter of very real concern to many, many people in this area.”

The South West, Peel and Metro regions are already covered by a fracking ban, but it is yet to be legislated, while the rest of the state is covered by the temporary ban.