The latest Compendium of risks from fracking published March 2018

UPDATE MARCH, 16 2018: CONCERNED Health Professionals of NY and the Nobel Peace Prize winning Physicians for Social responsibility have published their fifth compendium detailing the latest scientific research and media reports on the risks of fracking to human health and the environment.

The Compendium is a comprehensive and current report highlighting the issues relating to fracking and making recommendations for further research.

Included in the latest compendium published in in March 2018 is a finding that there is no evidence that fracking can be done without causing harm to human health and the climate upon which our health depends.

It also finds that regulations are not capable of preventing harm and that fracking poses threats to drinking water.

The Compendium provides an invaluable resource for anyone interested in investigating the impacts of fracking on water, human health and climate.

A copy of the latest report can be found here:


This is a copy of the fourth edition, published in November 2016: 


The link to the site is here:

Compendium of Scientific, Medical, and Media Findings Demonstrating Risks and Harms of Fracking (Unconventional Gas and Oil Extraction)