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Moora declares itself Gasfield Free

Moora declares its Gasfield Free Future

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2017: The town of Moora in WA’s Wheatbelt declared itself Gasfield Free at an official community celebration in Apex Park on Saturday December 9.

The event followed months of neighbour to neighbour surveying in the town, where community volunteers went house to house, road by road, asking residents if they would like to remain Gasfield Free.

Co-organiser of the survey and spokesperson for Frack Free Central Midlands Mavis Blowers said the results showed that over 95 per cent of over 560 people surveyed wanted to declare the town Gasfield Free.

“This declaration sends a strong and clear message to the gas industry that they are not wanted in our town. They do not have a social licence to operate in Moora,” Mrs Blowers said.

“We have gas licences covering a large swath of our region and the fracking industry itching to start drilling through our precious aquifers to frack the life out of our land.

“We want to remain living in this area that farms the food and fibre that WA needs. Fracking puts all that at risk. We are telling the gas industry that it can pack up and go home.”

The other co-organiser of the survey, Jarrad Thomas, said that the level of opposition to fracking shown by the survey in Moora and other surrounding communities sends a powerful message to the gas fracking industry, council and politicians.

“The people of Moora are joining other nearby communities like Dandaragan, Jurien Bay and Cervantes in declaring ourselves Gasfield Free,” Mr Thomas said.

“Across the region communities feel that their way of life is threatened, and so it’s important that people stand together to protect their water, land and communities before it’s too late.”

Mid West co-ordinator for Lock the Gate in WA Simone van Hattem said the declaration came at an important time with an inquiry currently underway into fracking in WA.

“Moora joins nearly 20 other communities across WA who have already declared themselves off limits to gas mining and exploration by becoming Gasfield Free, which is a powerful political action,” Ms van Hattem said.

“Across WA a growing number of communities are taking actions like this to demand a say in their own futures and in protecting their land, water and health.”

The community celebration in Apex Park included a free sausage sizzle, bouncy castle, face painting and other family activities.