What is fracking?

What is Fracking? Fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing or fraccing, is a process used to extract gas trapped deep underground in tiny pockets of sand or between rocks. An above ground rig is used to drill deep into the earth vertically and then horizontally. Fracking fluid, which is a mixture of chemicals, water and a proppant, such as treated […]

Chemical Use

Chemicals Fracking companies are fond of telling the public that the chemicals used in fracking make up just a small fraction of the fracking fluid. While this may be true it still means huge volumes of chemicals are used in each frack. Up to 300 tonnes of chemicals are injected into a well each time it is fracked. The chemicals […]

Social Impacts

Divided Communities Fracking can cause communities to divide with those who will reap some economic benefit pitted against those concerned for the long term viability of their existing businesses, their health, their vital water resources and their environment. In Queensland this division has seen locals who have been lifelong friends fighting one another over the rights and wrongs of unconventional […]

Gas leaks

Gas Leaks In Queensland test bores sunk and abandoned more than 30 years ago have been found leaking methane into the atmosphere and are likely to have been doing so for decades. These fugitive emissions are not counted in the nation’s carbon budget. Methane is up to 84 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide over a 20 […]