How to find out more about the gas lease covering your area

MUCH of the information you need to find out whether your land and/or community is in a current gas lease can be accessed online.

The WA Mines Department, now known as the Department of Mines, Industry, Regulation and Safety, has a data base that is publicly accessible and publishes maps of the leases regularly.

It is worth keeping an eye on any leases you may be concerned about as the database will tell you the intended time lines, works programs and plans for the lease.

It will also tell you which companies are involved in exploration and development of the lease. You can find out more about the company by checking its website or Googling its profile. A lot of useful information can be gleamed from the stock exchange announcements of the company if it is publicly listed.

The business media also contains a lot of information about what a company maybe planning. Once you know the name of the company you are interested in you can keep up to date with its movements by setting up a Google Alert for your email so that every time the company gets a mention you will get a copy of the story sent to you via google.

The easiest way to access the department’s database on a gas lease is to plug the number of the lease into google. For example a search of: PGR- EP 416 will take you to the database for that lease.

You can try other numbers as well. Just remember to use PGR- EP before the number to take you to the site. Once there you can use the toggles shown in the photo above to find out what the company is planing, when it will be drilling and how much it intends to spend on the lease. It will also show you changes to the lease.

You can find out the number of the lease covering your area by checking the maps on the Department’s website.

We have included copies of the latest editions of the maps below. The PDF versions of the maps can be found under the photos.

Petroleum leases by company Petroleum leases by expiry year  

Petroleum leases Sept 2017.pdf

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