Voices from the Queensland Gaslands

A series of short videos on life in the gaslands of Queensland made for Lock the Gate in 2014/15. Voices from the Gaslands – George’s story Landholders across Queensland are facing an invasive force as coal seam gas companies move onto their land. The landholders, many of whom have worked their properties for generations, are being forced to accept life […]

Gas Licences cover a large area of the Peel Shire

A GAS lease covers nearly 1,350sqkm of the Peel region stretching from Lake Clifton south to just north of Yarloop and taking in the Yalgorup National Park. The lease is held by Empire Oil and Pilot Energy and meets a second lease covering 660 sqkm of the South West and Harvey. It previously covered the City of Mandurah, stretching north […]

Gasfield Free Communities

DECLARING your community Gasfield Free is one of the best ways to protect it from becoming an industrialised gasfield. While a community declaration has no legal standing it does have value as a community statement. Declaring your community Gasfield Free involves going house to house, road by road asking residents if they would like their area to go gasfield free. […]

How to find out more about the gas lease covering your area

MUCH of the information you need to find out whether your land and/or community is in a current gas lease can be accessed online. The WA Mines Department, now known as the Department of Mines, Industry, Regulation and Safety, has a data base that is publicly accessible and publishes maps of the leases regularly. It is worth keeping an eye […]